Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the course work accredited?

All course work, middle school through college, is fully accredited and will transfer to schools throughout the country.

2. How long does it take to complete a course?

All courses require different time frames, and all students work at a different pace. However, as a general rule, if a course is being completed during a regular semester time frame, each course takes approximately three hours per week of tutoring time. If a course is being taken through our summer academy, a ten week session, courses take between 6-8 hours per week, depending on the length of the course.

3. Can high school classes taken over the summer transfer into my son or daughter’s high school?

Yes. Before we enroll a student in the course we will verify that your son or daughter’s high school will accept the transfer credit.

4. Is the course work completed in a one-on-one fashion?

Yes. We will match your student with the best possible teacher for the subject area in which your student is working.

5. If my student enrolls in the school, does he/she have to do all his/her schooling with you?

We do offer a full-time school program for middle school and high school, and college courses; however, we will work with any school system to try to incorporate LLC into your student’s traditional school day, or to allow him or her to take additional school credits with us. This allows students the ability to maintain work and socialization at their traditional schools, while they take some of their more demanding courses with us.

6. How do we get started?

Contact Lindner Learning Center at 317-842-8628, ext #1 for initial information.

7. Is the scheduling flexible?

Absolutely! Each student receives individual attention and a customized plan for academic success. Every student in our facility is taking different courses, has a different schedule, and a different agenda in terms of goals and completion time.

8. Can you incorporate other programs such as Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes® and/or Orton Gillingham into my student’s school day?

Our staff is completely trained in working with students who have learning differences and require unique learning interventions. We can absolutely address not only the academic piece, but also address any additional learning needs or skill development during your student’s school day.

9. Do you have licensed teachers on staff?

Yes. With the exception of an occasional staff member who specializes in a specific subject area, our staff is composed of fully-licensed teachers who are trained in working with students who have learning differences. Each tutor in our school program has served an internship in our evening tutoring program, and is fully aware of the needs of students with learning differences.

10. Do you assign homework?

No. One of the benefits of this program is that we have a no homework policy.


Additional Facts About Lindner Learning Center, Inc....

  • Our course average in our high school program is between an A and B.
  • Beyond expert training, every Lindner employee has a heart to work with our students and intent to change the world one student at a time.
  • All Lindner teachers have a degree in education as well as in-house training that includes both Orton Gillingham and Lindamood-Bell Processes, Inc.®, among other specialty teaching methods.  All of our tutors are mentored by a Master Tutor and have extensive experience working with non-traditional students.
  • Customized schedules allow students to attend Lindner from as little as two hours per week to as many as 25 hours per week, depending on the need.
  • We offer a common core state standards junior high school and an accredited high school program for those students who typically have tried and have failed in other learning environments.  We celebrate the differences in our students and believe in personalized programs integrating the best methodologies available.
  • Our Center has a warm, structured environment constructed to help reduce anxiety.
  • Lindner will work with a student's traditional school counselor to customize schedules to help students maintain other areas of strength (sports, art, etc.).
  • We are able to support any subject at any grade level...kindergarten through calculus.
  • NO homework in the school program - EVER!
  • Many students have the ability to complete up to four high school semester courses during our 10 week Summer Academy.
  • Lindner had eight 2011 graduates, two of which are receiving sizable college scholarships.
  • Many schools will allow grades from Lindner Learning classes to replace existing grades.
  • Throughout the school year, our school students enjoy a daily, supervised social time to help develop appropriate peer interaction and lasting friendships.
  • A graduating student does not need to pass the ISTEP exam to receive a diploma.