Language Remediation

Lindner Learning Center is PROUD to offer flexible, highly customized methodologically-sound reading intervention utilizing the following approaches. Our staff is gifted in selecting the cornerstone remedial technique best suited for each child and then masterfully supplementing that program for optimal progress.  Specific skill development in the area of reading fluency, reading speed, and/or written expression can seamlessly be integrated into your child's program.

LLC tutors are trained in one or several multi-sensory/linguistically based techniques developed to aid in reading and spelling acquisition. Our language tutorial presentation is sequential in nature; beginning with basic phonemes, and working progressively up to multi-syllable reading and spelling, as well as continued development in the areas of fluency, accuracy, speed, and written expression. We confidently and efficiently address reading weaknesses in every age student from kindergarten through adults.

Lindamood Phoneme Sequencing® Programming (LiPS®)

The LiPS® technique is a linearly presented, multi-sensory, linguistically based approach. Its goals include stimulating phonemic awareness skills, developing phoneme sequencing, and syllabication skills. With the development of these skills, efficiency of reading and spelling are dramatically improved. The program targets the individual that does not effortlessly grasp how to decode or spell unfamiliar words.

Seeing Stars®: Symbol Imagery for Phonemic Awareness, Sight Words and Spelling

The primary goals of the Seeing Stars® program are to strengthen visual memory of language components/words by developing symbol imagery. The Seeing Stars program addresses the difficulties many students have in retaining previously known words. This program begins with the development of visualizing individual letters and progresses to the manipulation of multi-syllable words. It also includes a component that addresses sight word development.

Orton-Gillingham reading method (Basic and Advanced)

Orton Gillingham basic language is a well established multi-sensory approach designed to develop early reading skills. In each session, students “hear, feel, and see” the language piece that is being presented that day. The integration of the visual and auditory pathways enables the non-traditional learner to store and retrieve reading skills more efficiently. Orton-Gillngham also offers an advanced language component that presents prefix and suffix origins for better understanding of language.