Specialized Academic Support and Math Remediation

Specific Subject Matter or Generalized Academic support

Many students utilize Lindner Learning Center, Inc. to access direct academic tutoring and support alongside an educator that is well-versed in learning differences and alternative material presentations. Although our staff is comprised of educators that can support a variety of subjects, we have found that it is particularly challenging to find quality support in the areas of math, and science. For that reason, we are proud of our dynamic and extensively trained math and high level science tutors.

Mathematics can be one of the most difficult subjects for students to grasp. Because the principles of math build upon themselves sequentially, and the course work is introduced so quickly, these difficulties are often compounded. To add to what is already a challenging subject area, due to prior struggles in math, our math students present a sizable degree of anxiety when they first start at LLC. In LLC’s one-to-one tutorial format, our math team works to fill in the gaps of missing knowledge, mold the presentation to the students learning style, and vigilantly encourage each of our students. LLC is fortunate to have a staff which includes teachers licensed at all levels of mathematics, from basic conceptual beginning math, to calculus, and college level math. In addition to curriculum based mathematics instruction, we are trained in the Lindnamood-Bell Learning Processes, Inc.® programs of V/V® and On Cloud Nine® Math. Several of our tutors are also trained in Pentathlon Institute’s conceptual math program MEBA™ Math.

LLC is dedicated to molding our presentation to what works best for each student. We offer remedial programs to get students up to speed with basic math skills, academic support throughout the school year, standardized or entrance exam test preparation and even proctor correspondence courses through the H.E.L.P. program. Our goal is to provide caring, thoughtful instruction to meet the needs of our students and families.