How Tutoring Works

Lindner Learning LLC strives for excellence in all of our tutorial, educational, and school programs. Our locally based, family-owned center affords us the luxury to develop, monitor, and maintain the highest quality in all of our services. Our one-to-one ratio sessions allow us to truly individualize our learning methods to your child. Generally, we select a “centerpiece” technique and then supplement that technique to fit your student’s exceptional learning needs.

Each member of our staff is degreed in the areas of education or speech therapy, and impeccably trained in additional remedial strategies. We view each student holistically and understand that often times there are multiple issues, as well as professionals dealing with those issues, which coincide with our tutorial program. For that reason, we welcome contact with parents, medical professionals, and teachers that are all working for the well-being and success of your child. Each student, parent, and staff member is treated in a gentle and dignified manner. It is our true desire to have every individual that comes into contact with LLC to feel enriched by the experience. We welcome varied intensities of programming, ranging from two to 30 hours per week.


Lindner Learning LLC is proud to be able to accommodate a wide spectrum of program intensities. We are able to offer both a tutorial presentation, as well as a school curriculum. Students are required to be tutored from a minimum of two, 55 minute sessions per week up to a full 25 to 30 hour per week school program. Generally, our after school hours are from 3:00 PM through 8:00 PM Monday through Thursday. Mondays and Wednesdays go together, as do Tuesdays and Thursdays (for example your child’s session may be Monday and Wednesday evenings from 6-8). We do have a wonderful staff of educators who are available for tutoring throughout the school day, during school vacations, and occasionally on the weekends.

Most of our after school students average two to four hours per week throughout the school year. While several of the techniques used by Lindner Learning Center, Inc. were initially designed to be extremely intensive in nature, it is our firm belief that steady gains can be made at a two to four hour per week intensity, while still allowing students the time to pursue non-academic interests and success. If you have questions about scheduling, please contact Erin Lindner Uber. Contact Michelle Simkins, if your question relates to the school programs.

Satellite Tutoring Locations

During the school year, for the convenience of our tutorial families, LLC is thrilled to provide an alternate satellite location for tutoring. Located in Carmel, this service is managed by Master Tutors, and is supervised by Lindner’s Executive Director, Karen Lindner Moriarity. This satellite location mirrors identical programs, services, and customized tutorial sessions that you would receive in our Fishers location.

Summer Academy

Summer Tutoring Academy

Summer time tutoring is a marvelous time to “jump start” your student’s skills, while many academic and extra-curricular stressors are lessened. During our ten week summer academy, we encourage many families to consider a more intense tutorial presentation. If you are interested in our Summer Academy, please contact Erin Lindner Uber.

Summer Junior and Senior High School Academy

For those families that may not have an interest in remediation, LLC offers, through our school program, the opportunity for students to take courses through the ten week summer session. As opposed to remediating and reviewing for the upcoming school year, a student can simply take an entire semester course or more over the ten week summer academy and complete it for credit. LLC also presents a variety of accredited high school courses to replace previously failed courses or to eliminate challenging courses from your students’ school day. For more information on this, please contact Michelle Simkins, H.E.L.P. Director.