Who We Are

"I recognized my own dyslexia after Karen was diagnosed. Although I was an extremely poor student, I am blessed with a true love for learning. I have acquired formal education, in one form or another, each of my 90 years. This philosophy of learning has allowed me the courage to tackle enormous obstacles in my life and reap rich rewards. The daily decision to maintain a positive attitude, continue diverse avenues of education, and a think outside the box mentality has availed me choices in my life that otherwise I may not have had. Having these choices has been the key to building my stairway to the stars."

David Robert Lindner II
Senior Council/Executive Advisor to Lindner Learning Center, Inc.

Lindner Learning Center, Inc. (LLC) is a private, family-owned tutoring center, established in 1991.  We are located in Fishers, Indiana, which is a northern suburb of Indianapolis, and we also offer an off-site location in Carmel, Indiana.  We offer a wide spectrum of educational services specifically tailored to meet the needs of each unique student, while addressing the exceptional requirements of students with learning differences. All tutoring is executed in a one-on-one setting and is structured around a centerpiece program, such as the Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes® and Orton Gillingham.

In addition to our tutorial program, we operate a flexible and uniquely customized school program to individually support students through an accredited middle school and high school curriculum. Students with exceptional talents who are not able to adequately keep up with the demands of a traditional school schedule benefit greatly from our customized agendas. We are a perfect fit for students in need of course work with flexible scheduling.

Letter From the Director

Erin Lindner Uber (my oldest daughter and the assistant director of our center) and I are asked how LLC is different from other local, national, and international tutorial companies. First and foremost, we are a small, locally run and operated family business. The Lindner family has been well-known for our Midwestern businesses and our Midwestern values for over 70 years. I am pleased, when hiring new tutors, that they express a desire to belong to the “Lindner” family. That, to me, embodies a long-term commitment and a heart felt investment. 

As a tutorial “family,” we strive to invoke positive change through skill, compassion, and gentleness (one without the other just does not work). We work to keep every promise we make, we maintain professional dignity, and we treat every student and each family as if they were part of our own family. Beyond the prerequisite of education, we also have intimate knowledge of most aspects of a learning difference. Specifically, my father, my youngest daughter and I are all dyslexic with a sprinkling of A.D.H.D. For this reason, we, as a team, fell in love with the Latin phrase, "Ad Astra per Aspara," meaning, "To The Stars Through Difficulties", and selected it for our company motto and logo. 

Over the past year, we have been asked to franchise our company both locally and nationally, and we have emphatically declined. We have, at times, deliberately frozen our growth in order to maintain and slowly build upon the principles and priorities that we have strived to establish. As a small, privately owned corporation, Lindner Learning Center, Inc. is able to offer the best of all worlds. As owner and executive director, I am the bottom line in this company. If there is an issue or something that requires my attention, you will see me and I am dedicated to resolving it. A high level of ACCOUNTABILITY for our work is born, not only internally through corporate structure, but also externally by living and working in the same community as our tutorial families and referral sources. For this reason, we strive to care for your student as we would want our own families cared for.  This, I believe, is how one builds a stellar business.

What I know for sure is that a child’s success comes in all forms. Sadly, they spend much of their childhood in an inflexible “box” called formal education. It is our job to soften, bend, and reshape the edges of the box, to sharpen the skills of the child and to find ways to boost the self-worth of each of our students. Although this is our work, it is more importantly our privilege and honor to help our young men and women construct their stairway to the stars in spite of their difficulties. 


Executive Director and Owner